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About Andrew


Andrew Golaszewski has been working on User Experience teams since 2005, at various points specializing in user experience design, user research, content design, and copywriting. Andrew has experience working in-house within large organizations, and within consultancies specializing in software and physical product design and development. Andrew started Rarefy in 2016, and uses his vast and reliable network of collaborators to staff up projects as necessary.

While working as a copywriter in his early days, Andrew was asked to write one too many error messages that could have been rendered unnecessary through better design. His interest in interactive design grew and eventually took him back to school, where he earned a Master’s in Human-Computer Interaction. Going in, he wanted to develop skills related to Interaction, which caused him to learn quite a bit more about Computers… but he left school with an insatiable interest in the Human element. Ever since, he has espoused a research-driven approach to design, using qualitative and quantitative data to make strongly informed design decisions, track performance, and build product roadmaps.

When not incrementally improving products, you can find Andrew spending time with his wife and two sons, exploring trails with his dog, trying out new techniques in the kitchen, or cheering maniacally for his hometown Detroit, and University of Michigan, sports teams.


  • B.A. English, University of Michigan

  • M.S. Human-Computer Interaction, Georgia Tech