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User Experience Research and Design


User Experience Research and Design


I provide research, strategy, and design services to aid product development efforts.

That is to say: I help people make things that help people.

I have extensive experience working with digital products, physical devices, and hybrids of the two.

I work directly with clients, and supplement teams at larger consultancies. I also draw from a rich network of collaborators in case your project requires expertise I can’t provide.

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Trust the Process


A successful user experience combines deep knowledge about both user needs and business goals. A successful research phase is indispensable for developing this understanding and providing actionable insights to carry forward into design.


Gone are the days of design as “how it looks.” Design will answer that question, yes, and many others. How will users navigate through the experience? How will features and information be presented and organized? And how can all this happen optimally given the capabilities and constraints of the technologies used to build the product?


Design yields prototypes, and prototypes need evaluating. Placing a product in front of real people immediately shows it in a new light—and this light shows the path to optimized features, better design decisions, and happier and more loyal users.


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